Planning permission requirements are forever changing so it’s important to keep on top of the latest standards. In many situations planning permission may not be required if it is designed to meet permitted development criteria. This usually includes size, shape and materials. The Government has issued a number of changes around the rules about what requires planning permission and what does not. One of these routes is Permitted Development Prior Approval.

Usually permitted development is restricted to 3m in terraced houses and 4m in attached properties; however with the latest government planning incentive this can be increased to 4m for terraced and 8m for detached subject to other criteria also being met. This is conducted through a Permitted Development Prior Approval application.

When an application is submitted by Davies Architectural Services the council will write to the immediate neighbours about the proposals and issue our drawings. They then have 21 days to either object or do nothing. If there are no objections the application will be granted as long as prior approval criteria are met. If there are objections the council will consider these; as long as the bearing doesn’t impact to much on neighours the council will approve the application and you are free to progress with the project without having obtained planning permission. The council has 6 weeks overall to make this decision otherwise Prior Approval is automatically granted.

Davies Architectural Services have gone down this route for a large number of clients already and the results are outstanding. We will advise if any potential proposal would fall under this category and advise on the best way to progress with your project.

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