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If you are building a new dwelling of any kind, it is likely you will need to take out a Professional Consultants Certificate. A PCC demonstrates to lenders that the building has been constructed in a suitable way. Davies Architectural Services carry out PCC’s in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. 

We understand design works can be daunting, particularly when there is a level of uncertainty and concern about your proposal being accepted. A pre-application is a process which can clarify the local planning authority’s position on any proposals for your project. In return of a pre-application being submitted the Planning Officer will produce a report providing yourselves and us with advice and the likelihood of decisions based on the outline design submitted. Davies Architectural Services offer the production of pre-applications, where we will also advise our client on the best way to move forward following the Planning Officer report.

Accredited Planning Agents

Award winning, residential architectural service. Accredited by Bristol City Council and trusted partners of South Gloucestershire Council, Gloucestershire Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council, North Somerset Council and Wiltshire Council.

accredited Planning Agents
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Bath and North East Somerset council
North Somerset Council
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